The NRP Group LLC (NRP) is partnering with Community Development for All People (CD4AP) to develop innovative workforce housing. The proposed Career Gateway Homes will be located on a 2.65 +/- acre site currently developed with the former Heyl Elementary School. The site will be redeveloped into 58 dwellings in the form of a 44-unit elevator served building and three 4-unit townhome dwellings and one 2-unit townhome dwelling. The 58 units will offer a variety of housing options including two-bedroom and three-bedroom designs. The site will also offer 2,500 square feet of common space providing numerous amenities including a community room for gatherings, a kitchenette, computers and laundry rooms with 24-hour access. Additionally, Career Gateway Homes will offer a training center to prepare future employees and to fill the growing needs of the companies in the area. NRP and CD4AP will partner with business employers to offer programs that are tailored to the needs of the tenants to assist in their employability. Career Gateway Homes has been strategically located close to a myriad of amenities and employments that will enhance the living environment.

This newly constructed development will continue the revitalization of transforming the housing on Columbus’ South side, by garnering the necessary funding and public support required to propel the project forward and provide high quality housing for generations to come.

760 Reinhard Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43206

For more information contact:
NRP Aaron Pechota

Brand new workforce housing apartment development!

Career Gateway Homes is a 58 unit dwelling proposed development in Columbus, Ohio.